Monday, August 12, 2002


Lunchtime. I just finished a juicy homegrown (by my colleague) tomato with mozzarella cheese, except that I forgot to bring fresh basil so I had to imagine the taste. It was still pretty good, though.

This morning I edited a telemarketing script and sent it off to our legal department for their approval. The script was poorly written. For example:
Question: Are there any restrictions?

Answer: There are a few, but they really aren't that bad...!
Yesterday I played the organ and piano for services at church. The regular pianist/organist got another job, so I'm substituting until someone else is hired. It was fun, except that the back of my legs and rear end are sore from sitting on a wooden bench for almost five hours straight!

It has been VERY HOT. I don't notice the heat in the air-conditioned building at work, of course, but my house is unlivable unless I have the fan blowing directly on me (and I am lying down).

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