Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My mechanic

One of the reasons I believe my car has lasted as long as it has—it's a 1992 GM car with over 146,000 miles on it—is that I have taken it to the same mechanic for most of the time I've lived in California.

I have been very pleased with Hrant's service—he's never condescending and he's utterly honest. I'm not the only who appreciates having found a good mechanic (whose shop is in walking distance of where I live). Hrant is running out of wall space to post all the "thank you" notes he receives.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Restful day

Compared to last weekend, this weekend is much more relaxed. I didn't have to go anywhere today, so I didn't. I stayed at home and did chores: picking blueberries (all fifteen of them!) for breakfast; making French toast from cinnamon bread and a duck egg; laundry; vacuuming; washing dishes; burying very decomposed kitchen waste; sorting and recycling stacks of magazines, catalogues, and mail; making lunch; taking a nap; reading Web sites; eating ice cream, strawberries, and homemade chocolate sauce for a late afternoon snack; making a frittata for supper, including yellow wax beans and chard from my garden; preparing rice cakes (scroll down) to go with the Marmite my dad got me for my birthday a while back; and washing more dishes.

Now I need to put some clothes away, finish preparing for tomorrow's class at church, and maybe watch a movie.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday afternoon walk

Today after church I rode over to Path to Freedom to pick up my weekly produce order. Anaïs and Jordanne invited me to join them on a walk with the goats down in the Arroyo.

What fun! The goats are so curious about everything and thoroughly enjoyed their outing—as did I! (More pictures here.)

Back row: Jordanne, JBB
Front row: Fairlight, Blackberry
Photo courtesy of Anaïs

Friday, June 09, 2006

Quick update

Life is very full right now with not much mulling time.

Biking—I want to take full advantage of the "June gloom" weather before the truly hot summer weather kicks in. This week I only rode to work two days, but one day I rode to the church directly from work, rather than going home first. So now I know how long that takes.

Church—Prepare women's Bible study for Saturday morning; prepare Adult Forum class for Sunday morning; write up two sets of minutes before Monday evening meeting.

Work—Get the instructions I need to take on the duties assigned to me now that two people in our department are leaving at the end of next week.

Knitting—Finish project started for colleague who's leaving next week.

Other fun—Prepare dish for and attend gathering Saturday evening; watch DVD; work in garden.