Monday, October 28, 2002

Last day

Today was my last day at work. At 2:00 I was told, oh no, something happened with your paperwork and your last day technically isn't until the 30th or 31st. But by that point, I said, that's OK, I'll go with what I've been told all along; today's just fine. I don't need to come back. Anyway, I'm hoping to work something out with another department in the company. Meanwhile, there's a ton of other stuff to be done.

I was so busy doing "real" work today that I didn't have time to clear out my desk until it was almost time to go. Then I drove home, the last time to carpool with my colleague. I will miss the conversation on our drives, but hopefully much of our group is going to end up back together, but in a different department.

On Saturday, I FINALLY printed out the final version of the commentary manuscript. So that project is off my "To Do" list. What a relief!

So, suddenly, I have a whole new landscape to cultivate. I think I will sign off here and sink onto my couch in relaxed oblivion to watch whatever might be on TV and not torture my readers any longer with this entry written as I decompress from the recent events of my life.

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