Friday, May 02, 2003

Friday afternoon

It's been an unnerving week for reasons that can't be explained here. The weather is clouding over, with rain predicted for this evening and tomorrow. I made an agreement with fellow student to send her whatever I have of my (way overdue) book review by Sunday. As she put it, "Why do we do this to ourselves?" i.e., tie ourselves up into mental and emotional knots over fairly straightforward tasks, which then mutate into monstrous things.

A second Trader Joe's opened in town. This is happy news for me because, while it's probably further than the other store in terms of distance from where I live, the traffic is much better, and it is not too far out of my way on my route home from work.

This week I drove to work every day rather than taking the bus. This means I haven't read the LA Times this week and therefore don't have much to link to.

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