Tuesday, June 10, 2003

June gloom

I've decided I really like Mary McNamara's "L. A. Centric" column. Today's is "'June Gloom': Just Think of it as a Tax on Paradise."
[M]any of us forget, each and every year, that June in Los Angeles is not the sunny, sprightly affair it is in other parts of the country. "June gloom" we call it as soon as we remember it, which is usually after three or four days of shivering in our hopeful tank tops and muttering things like: "Man, what is with the weather these days?"

Every year it is explained to us -- the rising temperatures of the land hit the still-chilly air of the Pacific, often with the added weather-phenomenon bonus of the "Catalina eddy" -- and every year, sometime around Labor Day, when the Los Angeles summer is just getting serious, we completely forget about it.
So today is the second day of intermittent misty drizzle.

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