Sunday, August 17, 2003

Good mood

I'm in a really good mood tonight. I think it's because of music. I substituted for the substitute musician at church today. Playing occasionally is more fun than trying to come up with new music every week. For the offertory, I played the accordion! This is the first time I've ever solo'd on the accordion. At the Spanish service, I also played it for the congregational song right after the offering was received. It went OK. I really do need to take formal lessons, though, to learn how to play the bass buttons properly.

Then, after church, I had a two hour rehearsal for a wedding next week. I'm playing piano and organ with a violinist, saxophonist/flutist, and bassoonist. It was really fun going through the music. They're all professional musicians, but the music wasn't too difficult for me. They'll make sure the tempo is correct, the bassoon will fill in the bass for the organ pipes that aren't working, and they'll have a direct line of sight to the back of the church to keep track of how many more times we need to play a piece of music before everyone's down the aisle. So I don't have to worry about quite as many things as I do when I play by myself.

Tonight, just to reinforce the good mood, I went for a walk, something I've been neglecting to do recently. Right now the crepe myrtles are in full bloom—pinks, purples, and white. So there is color around, in spite of the heat.

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