Monday, March 29, 2004

New Agrarian websites

I'm enjoying reading through the entries at two sites I found via Path to Freedom's diary page: The New Agrarian by David Walbert and his blog, The Halfway Homestead. He and his wife raise ducks, grow mushrooms and other produce on their one and a half acres, and cook from scratch. Walbert's philosophy of agrarian life in the twenty-first century is well thought out and practical. I also appreciated his ruminations on "The Halfway Homestead."
The halfway homestead is our answer to the question What can we do right here, right now? It's about putting down roots where we are, rather than holding back until we're where we think we'd like to be. It's about taking the scenic route, enjoying the ride, and holding open the possibility that we might find a better destination than the one we had in mind.

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