Sunday, April 11, 2004

Reverse chronology

Sunday evening. Nothing worthwhile to watch on television. Many other things that could be done, but it's a Sunday evening after all.

Sunday afternoon. Drove out to the beach again. The return trip, especially, was eerily traffic-light. On one of the most notorious stretches of Southland freeway. I kept imagining it was tomorrow, when it will be stop and go. I kept expecting traffic to slow down around each corner. It never did. It was hot inland (85 degrees) but very windy, although sunny, at the beach. Watched kite boarding for a while (a cross amongst surfing, wind surfing, flying a kite, skateboarding, and water-skiing) and then caught a nap wedged in a crevice mostly out of the wind using my backpack for a pillow. Cap low over my eyes, conscious only of the waves pounding and thoughts of writing about being conscious of waves pounding. . . .

Sunday morning. Got up early to slice six different kinds of cheese for the Easter breakfast at church. As I anticipated, the Norwegian Gjetost (goat's) cheese, was a hit. The service was lovely and included a piece by the bell choir.

Saturday afternoon. Spent the afternoon in the church office redoing the bulletin for Sunday's service.

Saturday morning. Got up early to prepare a breakfast for the women's Bible study. Went to the study.

Friday mid-day. Went to an ecumenical service. Our bell choir played; Pr Peg preached.

Thursday. Most of the day in a training class—in Pasadena! Oh! that I still worked here and didn't have to commute. I'm starting a course in my company's equivalent of Six Sigma. Maybe it will help me learn how to plan out things better. (Flow-charting is a main component of what we're required to do.) I have one week to finish a huge lot of work before next Thursday's class—and I won't be able to go to work tomorrow.

Wednesday. Started sketching out the requirements and figuring out the fields for a database for a project at work.

Tuesday. The usual.

Monday afternoon. To the beach. 134 W to 101 N to 23 S; PCH to Topanga to 101 S to 134 E.

Monday morning. Dropped off my parents at the airport and then went to work: 210 134 W to I-5 N; I-5 S to 10 E to 710 S to 60 E.

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