Monday, May 03, 2004


It's the start of a scorching hot month—temperatures over 100 degrees the past couple of days. Fire season has been declared open, three to four weeks early.

On Saturday I escaped the heat with some friends by—yes—going hiking in the middle of the day (check out the second half of their May 3 entry for photos). Walking in the shade along a meager stream and climbing across boulders from an old landslide that had blocked the path was truly refreshing.

I've let the events of life pile up around me recently, so it was good to escape to the woods and hug a few boulders. I keep thinking that life will tidy itself up just any day now. But instead there is a steady progression of things to do, decisions to make, and experiences to live through. The following partial list is because I need to make a list:
  • Finish the RFP tomorrow that has consumed my time (and overtime) for more than a week.
  • With the RFP finished, I'll have one day to work on my project for a training class on Thursday.
  • Contemplate going back to work full-time; it's difficult to work on the type of projects that I've been given while on a part-time basis.


  • The semester is almost over. Arrange appointment with advisor to discuss decision about finishing my program.
  • Contemplate and make decision about finishing my program.

    Boarding School Reunion

  • Finalize pricing for those not taking the entire package or who are bringing families and answer e-mails.
  • Call the conference planning office.
  • Continue working on events schedule.
  • This will be finished by the end of July. With the reunion planning and administering off my mind, maybe this persistent sense of anxiousness and inability to relax fully will go away.


  • Ongoing challenges, but a sense of watching and being involved in something painfully real and worthwhile.


  • Need to keep the encroaching chaos pushed back. Washing dishes is always a good place to start.
  • Depending on the decision I make about grad. school, I would like to rearrange some rooms, so that the living/dining room is no longer a living/dining/studying room. Put the desk in the back of the house and the piano in the front.
  • Consider a possible (local) relocation. Pros: Larger house and yard; near friends. Cons: More rent; freeway noise; neighborhood not as nice/safe?; different stores and restaurants; the stress of moving.
  • Consider buying a house later this year, but not here. A much longer list to be developed elsewhere. Meanwhile, interest rates have gone up one percent. . . .

    Fun stuff

  • Start knitting again.
  • Write letters to faraway friends.
  • Have guests over (but, first, see Household above).
  • Get back to writing here and visiting the websites in my Favorites folder.
Above all, be grateful for and enjoy LIFE!

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