Saturday, July 03, 2004

Moonlight hike

Last night I finally went on the moonlight hike in Eaton Canyon. Every month for months now I've written in my calendar to go on the hike and then never do. But the woman who lives in the other side of my duplex was enthusiastic about going, so we went last night.

We went with the "express" hiking group. The pace was pretty fast, but we did stop fairly often for the leader to point out various things along the route. The hike was about three miles roundtrip (I think) and took around two hours with all the stops. The most strenuous part was going up the Walnut Canyon horse trail.

As a bonus, the fireworks show for Sunday was being tested at the Rose Bowl, so we had a magnificent view of the fireworks. However, the moon was the real attraction. Eaton Canyon is too close to LA to experience fully being out in the wild (only at a few points along the trail were the city lights hidden), but it was wonderful to be out in the night listening to the crickets, breathing the sage-scented air, and watching the full moon.

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