Saturday, September 18, 2004

To do

This business of working full-time surely makes it more difficult to do all the other things that need doing. So, today's list:
  • Eat breakfast: delicious 5¢ grapefruit bought from the children down the street; oatmeal with raisins; coffee
  • Wash dishes
  • Pick up clothes: dirty and clean
  • Clean bathroom
  • VACUUM duplex
  • Online: pay phone bill; look up library books checked out from three different library systems; print out grocery list; post entry here!
  • Write and send birthday card; write and send letter
  • Pay gas and electric bills
  • Get church office key and finish assembling bulletins for tomorrow
  • Return library books due to public and seminary libraries
  • Go to Trader Joe's: milk; whole wheat tortillas for preparing altar tomorrow
  • Swing by the gardenLAb if I have time to see the Path to Freedom folk
  • Babysit friend's two small children this evening
[Edit 10:30 PM. The list worked! I went from one thing to the next and accomplished most of what I needed. Now to be more consistently disciplined.]

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