Saturday, October 23, 2004

When I am an old woman I shall eat books

I made a quick trip this morning to the TKGA Southwest Conference & FiberArts Market being held at the Burbank Airport Hilton. I didn't go to any of the classes, but I did spend a couple of hours in the FiberArts Market. Wow. And this is a small event, I imagine, compared to the larger festivals I've read about. But I was overwhelmed as it was. So I fell back on what I know—buying books. I may have to go back tomorrow and buy some wool after I figure out what to do with it and, therefore, how much to get.

I really like the hand-spun and -dyed wool from Hand Jive Knits. I also enjoyed the Sheep City, USA booth (no website yet).

From Sheep City, USA:
Foot Notes: Socks to Make Your Feet Dance, by Joseph Madl (Philosopher's Wool)

Projects for Community Knitting, by Carol Anderson (Cottage Creations)

Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing, by Rita J. Adrosko

Vintage to Vogue: The Best of Workbasket Magazine.

Small Sweaters: Colorful Knits for Kids, by Lise Kolstad and Tone Takle.

More Sweaters: A Riot of Color, Pattern, and Form, by Lise Kolstad and Tone Takle.
From The Village Spinning & Weaving Shop in Solvang—definitely on my road trip list.
The Knit Hat Book, by Nicky Epstein.

Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans: Fisherman's Sweaters from the British Isles, by Gladys Thompson.

Folk Knitting in Estonia: A Garland of Symbolism, Tradition and Technique, by Nancy Bush.

Two-end Knitting: A Traditional Scandinavian Technique also known as 'Twined Knitting', by Anne-Maj Ling.

Toy Knits, by Debbie Bliss.

Latvian Dreams: Knitting from Weaving Charts, by Joyce Williams.

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