Saturday, January 22, 2005

Health news, etc.

First, an aside. I pulled up the WSJ to look up a column on health I read yesterday at work and read the first line of the top article: "A WINTER STORM BARRELED across the Midwest while the Northeast braced for more than a foot of snow." It's hazily sunny here in So Cal, probably in the low 70s. I sat on a boulder next to a rushing stream this morning with the sun warming my back while I read The Plot Against America for the knit one read too online book club.

To health. The USDA has published new dietary guidelines, including key recommendations and downloadable files of the entire report.

Ten minutes left on my hour of free library Internet access, which would cost me $12 at Kinko's at .20 per minute.

I just saw that Susie has started a cross stitch section of her website. Check it out!

Time's up.

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