Thursday, October 27, 2005

Prince Charles and small farms

I saw a snippet of an interview with Prince Charles on BBC World on TV tonight ("Prince Charles shows the BBC around his organic farm"). There is a much fuller video version of the interview at the main BBC site. At the moment, the link is on the front page in the Video and Audio section, "Prince urges action on climate change in exclusive interview." [Update 10/28/05: The video link can now be found on this page.]

The interview is somewhat mis-titled; it is about the prince's organic farm and his views on the importance of small farms to save rare breeds of livestock, produce artisan foods, and pass down the knowledge of previous generations. He also emphasizes the importance of buying and eating local foods.

Listen to the interview if you can!

[Update 10/30/05: Prince Charles will be interviewed on 60 Minutes tonight.]

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