Friday, December 02, 2005

Hotel week

The thing about living in a hotel for this past week was that everything was so simple and focused, the way I wish my life usually was. I brought all the clothes I needed for the week and nothing more. They were ironed and hanging in the closet or put away in the drawers by Monday night. Each morning I only had to choose which top and which pair of trousers to wear that day.

Breakfast was set out ready to eat each morning. I had Kellogg's Raisin Bran with a banana sliced on top, hot tea, and orange juice.

I even read the daily Bible readings appointed for this first week of Advent.

The room was tidied for me each day, which encouraged me to keep my things tidy in return.

A group of us were working at another company testing some software they are developing for us. It was very structured, follow-the-script type of work without the distractions of the home office environment.

Then back to the hotel in the evenings. Above all, it was the lack of distractions, the enforced restriction of options that made the week so different. When I got home this afternoon, though, I couldn't settle down to one thing.

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