Sunday, April 02, 2006

Path to Freedom

My friends at Path to Freedom have launched their redesigned Web site. It looks great! In addition to their journal, which records the daily happenings on their urban homestead, read through the Insights entries, which passionately lay out the reasons and urgency behind the family's "revolution." And the Dervaes family have finally succumbed to requests for more information about them, not just their garden, in a Who We Are section.

Also, Path to Freedom is featured in the May/June issue of Natural Home & Garden in an article titled "Pasadena Paradise" (pages 56 - 61). You can purchase a copy directly from the Dervaeses to help with the operating costs of their Web site.

I enjoy my weekly visits after church to pick up salad mix from the Dervaeses. After a long morning (which today included teaching an adult education class and playing the piano for two services—one in English and one in Spanish), it is so refreshing to see their garden and chat about the events of the week.

Today, we stood in the back yard and watched the two ducks and two chickens, who had just been let out of their enclosure, dig amongst the vegetation and take a dust/dirt bath in the newly prepared raised bed. In their midst was the orange kitten-cat, who thinks he just might be a fowl of some sort, wanting to join the fun. Except when he would get too close, one of the hens would chase him away.

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