Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Catching up

So many things in my head—need to write them here before they disappear.

On Sunday night, Path to Freedom and my church showed the film The Great Warming. Anais has written a nice report of the event, including a picture of my bulletin board.

For my notes, here are some of the links I featured on the board.
What Congregations Can Do: Study resources—"The Cry of Creation: A Call for Climate Justice" (.pdf); and the ELCA social statement "Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope, and Justice" in English and Spanish.

Join California Interfaith Power & Light (or a similar organization in other states) and sign the covenant. Do one or more of the six covenant actions. Energy Star for congregations.

Advocate for just and sustainable public policies.

Emphasize creation throughout the liturgical year. Celebrate A Season of Creation in September - October. (The coordinator of A Season of Creation, Norm Habel, is a Hebrew Bible/Old Testament scholar in the form criticism "school," the same method I was being trained in.)

Declarations: Religious leaders' appeal to political leaders in California for mandating limits on greenhouse gases;
"National Council of Churches—Theological Statement on the Environment" (.pdf); and
"Joint Declaration on Articulating a Code of Environmental Ethics," by Pope John Paul II and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

Organizations: National Council of Churches of Christ, Eco-Justice Programs, Climate Change;
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life;
Evangelical Environmental Network;
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops;
The National Religious Partnership for the Environment; and
Protecting Creation.
Recording all those links took too long. Now it's my bedtime, which I can't ignore or I'll not be able to get up in the morning for my ride to work. The weather has been perfect for riding these last days, especially today.

At the film, quite a few people showed up on bicycles, including those from the group C.I.C.L.E.. They were riding some Xtracycles, which I'd only seen pictures of previously. One guy hitched a trailer to his bike made from an up-side-down dog kennel/carrier, as Anais pointed out.

Well, my head is only a quarter emptied. But I must to bed.

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