Sunday, March 14, 2010

To contemplate and to do

If you let your heart be open--not closed in prejudice or through fear--and if you truly desire and really "dig for" the truth, Christ will deliver to you the answers for which you have sought as a result of your sincere necessity.

It is critical to understand how this process of getting answers works. God is only bound to give us what we need to know and not what we may want or wish to know. We will always have what it is that is relevant--by His determination--to our salvation on any given day. We will always be provided with enough truth to grow on.

What determines the rate and the amount of further answers is our readiness as seen in the prior acceptance of what we already have been given. For every morsel of truth previously delivered, we must be acting on it, taking visible steps to make it a living part of us. Or, no more will be forthcoming. What is our universal condition is that we obstruct the process because we are not willing to accept all what God has been willing to offer!
Jules Dervaes, October 1991

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