Monday, November 08, 2010

Here I Stand

Besides the "Home-Made Car," another movie we watched (annually?) at boarding school was the old Martin Luther film. As youngsters, we did not understand most of the theological arguments that were being debated (although we got that indulgences were wrong), but one scene we waited for each time the film was shown was the famous "Here I Stand" speech. Afterward, we would we see who could do the best imitation of Luther's refusal to recant.


Linda B said...

Lina assures me that they still show it for Reformation Day!

Sherry said...

I gather you grew up in Zambia. Can you suggest any books about or set in Zambia for a Zambia reading project that I'm about to start?

JBB said...

Sherry, I would direct you to my friend, Linda B, who also commented here. She is a homeschooling mother and avid reader who was raised in Zambia, plus spent some time as an adult there.