Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn 2013

"The constant remaking of domestic chaos into the order that keeps a house alive and peaceful takes a lot of doing."
May Sarton in At Seventy: A Journal, page 68

Today was perfect to revel in and take time to reflect on this autumnal equinox. It was an achingly beautiful day in which to do some more organizing in the house but also to escape outside at the slightest excuse.
Seasonal changes are energizing days that bring renewal to the house, and in turn, renewal to our spirits.
~ Corean Bakke in Practicing the Church Year: A Spirituality for the Home.
Plus, this fall there are reminders of the passage of time--a 30-year high school reunion and a 25-year college reunion. (I’m not attending either, but, thanks to Facebook and e-mail lists, the events can be at least virtually experienced.)

The coolness of the air is another harbinger of this turning (and a prod to finish knitting the Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi shawl).

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