Sunday, January 04, 2015

Correction - One Word 2015

#OneWord365 - CORRECTION

It strikes me as an ugly word, a word that emphasizes something is wrong, something is bad: CORRECTION. Not an inspirational affirmation.

But, the lessons and messages keep coming. This NEEDS to be, this MUST be, my OneWord this year. (See 2014 and 2013.)

Two positive messages confirmed the word for me today.

First, Semicolon's post, "50 Facts and Links for Psalm 119 - Semicolon," and her quote in fact no. 34:
“Blaise Pascal, the brilliant French philosopher and devout Christian, loved Psalm 119. He is another person who memorized it, and he called verse 59 ‘the turning point of man’s character and destiny.’ He meant that it is vital for every person to consider his or her ways, understand that our ways are destructive and will lead us to destruction, and then make an about-face and determine to go in God’s ways instead.” (Boice)
So, I look up Psalm 119:59 in various translations, to see which one I should adopt and memorize for this OneWord. Oh, no! A text critical note! Is it "my" or "your" ways? Rabbit hole! Rabbit hole!

For today, I will quote the New International Version (NIV) and do the text criticism research later. But NOT NOW. Now, the task is to DO.
I have considered my ways and have turned my steps to your statutes. Psalm 119:59
The second positive message came from the first definition listed in the online Merriam-Webster dictionary entry:
a change that makes something right, true, accurate, etc.
The emphasis is on what is changed, not the original error. Of course, the error, the sin, has to be pointed out and dealt with, that is, CHANGED.

And that is the message of HOPE. Change to the right way is possible. Correction is grace.

So, yes, I want to jump straight to the "right, true, accurate" part. But, I recognize (if not happily) that it must be a process--yes, agonizing--and a re-training.

Next decision: what "pretty picture" to select for such a stern sounding word? What symbolizes the right way, God's way, towards which I need to turn, direct my steps?

This year, I was gifted with egg-laying hens. I didn't ask for them. THEY CAME TO ME. First two, then one more, and then another two. Five hens. And they lay the most exquisite, incredible eggs.

Beautiful in shape and color. A miracle food. Uncontaminated raw egg yolks that can be ingested for healing nutrition.

God's design for hens. God's provision of a perfect food.

So, yes, examine my errors, my life of sin. Go through the deep regret, embarrassment, shame, sorrow. Make restitution. Pay the debts. Turn. Repent. Do an about-face to the RIGHT WAY.

Everyday. Just like a hen offers an egg everyday. Not just once and done. But each new day.  #OneWord365


Sherry said...

Actually, it is a rather hopeful and encouraging word: correction. Like hungering and thirsting after righteousness, or loving God's law, we can only be filled when we know how empty we are.

Thank you for the link and for the thought-provoking post.

Janice Bakke said...

Thank you for your wise reply, Sherry. I appreciate your commenting here!