Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Misc. notes

My 1992 Pontiac Sunbird turned over 100,000 miles on Thursday. I noticed the odometer at 99,996 miles but forgot to check again until after 100,002 miles, so I did not witness the significant event. It has been cared for by Armenian mechanics since about 20,000 miles, to whom I attribute its reliability.

I swung by a bookstore on my way out to school this morning and bought the unabridged version of Robert Fagles' translation of The Odyssey on cassette tapes (I drive a 1992 car, remember) read by Ian McKellen. The set was on sale for $15. One trip to school equals one side of a tape, so I have 24 trips (12 round-trips) covered.

Tonight, I'm playing for the Ash Wednesday English service in the parish hall at church. The regular pianist is playing for the Spanish service taking place simultaneously in the main building. I remember when I came back to the States in Grade 11, I didn't know what Lent was because I was from a very non-liturgical, low church Protestant background. A Catholic student in Chemistry lab explained it to me.

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