Thursday, February 07, 2002

Waiting, again

I'm out at school, again. I'll be attending a workshop and a lecture later this afternoon and evening, as well as a conference on religion and the media tomorrow. Because of the heavy traffic late in the afternoon, I have to leave home by 3:00 at the latest to avoid rush hour traffic. Of course, I could be in the library studying while I wait, but it is much more fun to come to the computer lab and post to my weblog!

On my way here, I detoured to the San Gabriel Nursery to get flame lily bulbs. I also bought a Boston fern to put in my bathroom. What a fun nursery to explore! They have red wagons (like the Radio Flyer brand) for customers to load their plants. Because the nursery is located in a part of LA with a large Asian population, they have a lot of bonsai plants, pots, etc., and other Asian plants and gardening accoutrements.

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