Saturday, July 06, 2002

The weekend, so far

The only thing I did to celebrate the fourth was to watch the neighborhood kiddies' parade. Children of all ages, riding bicycles and tricycles and being pulled in wagons, all of which were decorated in red, white, and blue, paraded along a three to four block route. It was very cute although a little overwhelming to see so many children in one place—like proverbial ants coming out of the woodwork.

This morning I went to the annual cactus and succulent sale at the Huntington. I picked up some sort of Haworthia, "Royal Highness," (the label isn't very clear and I can't find the name in the reference books I have); an Echeveria secunda HGB 85639; and a Crassula capitella ssp. thyrsifolora. I planted them in a low, round earthenware container with another sort of flowering Crassula (I think) I dug up from the garden and a cactus my parents gave me. The container is clustered on my front porch with two other pots of cactus; a Euphorbia milii (crown of thorns) I got last year at the sale; a ficus; an Epiphyllum; and the ivy I grew to cover the peeling paint on my (rented) duplex.

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