Saturday, November 09, 2002


From a link at dangerous chunky on 11.04.02, I found the Path to Freedom site, and realized as soon as I read "First real rain of the season!" in their Urban Diary that I was reading a local weblog, from my own city no less. Check out these pictures of their urban homestead garden. Their story reminds me of a family I see at the Farmer's Market who grow their produce in the backyard of their urban/suburban home.

Having recently been laid off by a Fortune 500 company, I am really drawn to that way of life, i.e., being as self-sufficient as possible. I've been fantasizing about moving back to my parents' farm, raising sheep and llamas, spinning my own wool, and knitting clothes for myself, as gifts, and for sale. Maybe I could also open a needlework store on the farm or in town and go into business with my aunt who does beautiful handwork of all kinds. Oh yes. And I could raise grass-fed beef and free range chickens and sell eggs and meat to people from Seattle. But after two days straight of rain here in So Cal, I remember how depressing Washington weather can get. But then knitting is the best antidote for the dampening effects of bad weather....

Even better, if I'd finish this #%&* degree, I would have a back up for earning (or supplementing) a living, in case farming and needlework weren't quite sufficient.

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