Thursday, November 07, 2002


I would have been at work for an hour and fifteen minutes by now, if I were still employed....Last week, I was very conscientious, getting up by 6:30 and going for a walk before breakfast and the rest of the day. Now, I don't get up until about 7:30, and I've stopped going for walks. Must not slip any further.

Really need to make a plan for writing my papers. The first part of the plan needs to be to clean up the piles in the living room/study so I have a clear place to work.

I've been escaping into knitting. I finished one project last week and gave it to my (former) boss Tuesday evening. (Pictures soon.) Now I've almost finished the next project. I just have a little more knitting, and then I have to sew it up. Yesterday, I went to a knitting group that meets twice a month on Wednesday afternoons at a local bookstore. (Now that I'm unemployed, 2:00 on a Wednesday afternoon is no problem....) I thought it would just be a group of people who get together and knit, but there are also two expert knitters who help anyone who has knitting problems or questions. One of the women used to own a wonderful knitting shop in the town just south of here.

Everyone oohs and aahs over each other's work—it is quite flattering. I found out I knit the English way. I didn't realize there was a difference between the English and American ways of knitting. I knew the difference between English and Continental/Scandinavian styles and have tried the Continental style, but because I learned the English way as a child, that's what feels most natural to me.

P.S. My orange cat is once again curled up on my lap, sleeping, as I type this.

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