Friday, December 06, 2002

Living an online life

This morning I awoke to news of the unexpectedly high national unemployment rate for November. Well, I know one company that contributed to the increase....

The second issue of knitty magazine has been published. It has some fun patterns and ideas: how about some Kool-aid dyed handknit socks? And in other socks' news, Wendy Johnson illustrates how to knit toe-up socks.

Now to the topic of the day and online knitting convergences: yesterday I met the editor of the Path to Freedom website. She had contacted me via e-mail after I linked to her site a few posts ago and invited me to a knitting group that meets in a local library branch. She brought the two bunnies she wrote about in her November 13, 2002, post. I got some good ideas for the project I'm working on, and it was fun to see everyone else's work. Thus, via my online explorations, I've met someone living out what I've only dreamed about, and I've been introduced to a group of women keeping alive the tradition of knitting. Oh, and I learned about a knitting store that has reopened in Pasadena! Must check it out soon.

OK. When I typed the title to this post, before I wrote this entry, I wanted to write about how I get up in the morning and get online right after making my coffee (so sorry about Peet's, Laura) and toast. In what ways has reading (and writing) blogs/weblogs now for nearly a year and a half shaped my outlook on life or least the arrangement of my life? In certain aspects, how I perceive and connect those things that come to make up what I call "my life" has subtly shifted. And the time, in itself, I spend online counts for (or against) something. For the most part, I benefit from this online life, but I do need to figure out how to give or, rather how to WANT to give, my studies more attention, focus, and time. Enough online stewing.

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