Saturday, December 14, 2002

Yet another To-Do list

I've been in this very detached state of being: I survey the many things I should be doing, and then I do none of them and, at the same time, feel no guilt or dread of the consequences I know are unavoidable. However, I received a message yesterday that my job position has been approved, and thus I probably will be employed once again by some time next week. Therefore, more of my life will again be structured by outside demands. So, let's see if I can get things in order around here, so I can make progress in my studies while working at the same time.
  • Clean house. Kitchen. Living room/study. Bathroom. Bedroom. Garage.
  • Finish organizing and assembling Christmas gifts.
  • Do laundry on a day when rain is not predicted.
  • Choose and practice music for Sunday.
  • Get front-end alignment.
  • Finish book review and submit by Friday, December 20.
I am going to start with the kitchen: wash dishes; organize refrigerator; make vegetable stock with accumulated vegetables; make lentil soup for lunch; wash floor; tidy counters. On your mark, get set, GO.

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