Friday, February 07, 2003

End of the week

It's unbelievable that the weekend already has arrived. Work was really busy—I finally got a desk and computer. The commute takes too much time, whether I drive or take the bus, especially right now during Chinese New Year's celebrations. Today's bus adventure was that the first bus didn't come. So the next one was packed to overflowing with high school students late for school. I barely squeezed on—I was standing in the stairwell. I missed the connecting bus by a few minutes, so had an hour to wait for the next one. There's a 7-11 right there, so I bought a paper to read. Then it just so happened that my former neighbor, who has a job cleaning local bus stops, pulled up while I was waiting, so we had a good conversation.

Tomorrow I'm leading the women's Bible study at church. The study is on John 11, about the resurrection of Lazarus. So I need to work on that more tonight and early tomorrow.

This weekend: the Bible study; housework; groceries; book review; music on Sunday; reunion stuff.

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