Sunday, March 30, 2003

'Tis the season for hiking

Today I made it to Henninger Flats, now that I know where it is and that there is water there. It was pretty hot and the sky deep blue. (The pictures to which I linked don't do today justice....) This time I didn't use the horse trail going up but rather the broader, less steep approach at the other end of the canyon. Wildflowers are beginning to bloom—next time I'll have to bring a wildflower identification book with me.

As I said, it's hiking season around here; it's still not too hot and there's not such a fire danger. See the gorgeous pictures on the March 30 entry at Path to Freedom. There's also a column in today's paper listing places to see wildflowers in the Santa Monica Mountains. Finally, the cover story of the LA Times Magazine—with more beautiful pictures—is about two friends who've been hiking together in the Sierra Nevada for thirty years.

[3/31/03 Edit: And Susie went hiking in the snow yesterday!]

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