Friday, February 18, 2005

Change is on the way....

I've been thinking a lot recently about the many things I say I want to do and the kind of life I say I want to live but always having this sense of not quite grasping it. So, tomorrow, the piano movers are scheduled to rearrange the furniture in my one-bedroom duplex. I had two new 72-inch bookcases made, which were delivered a couple weeks ago. So, the piano is coming out to the living room along with one bookcase. The desk, table, and filing cabinet are going into half of the bedroom that will become a study. The second bookcase will go into the bedroom, for a total of three.

Result: all the piles of books will have shelf space. I shall feel like I have a living room to which I might enjoy inviting guests (one of the many things on my list of things I'd like to do).

Additionally, I bought a small washing machine through someone at work—the kind you can hook up to a sink. Now maybe I'll do smaller loads of laundry more often. And I'll be able to try felting.

So I'm looking forward to a long weekend of homemaking, being almost fully recovered from last week's illness. It's supposed to rain, too, so all the more reason to stay at home and make it cozy.

Tonight's tasks: wash all the dishes; move the piles of books to the other side of the bedroom so that the movers can manoeuvre; and put away piles of clothing so that there is room for piles of books.

[Saturday noon update] The movers and the delivery people have come and gone. My computer is reconnected, now in the bedroom/study. There are also two bookcases waiting to be filled in here and one in the living room. The first load of wash is finishing up (although it's raining outside so this load will have to dry on the rack inside). The dishes are about half done. The clothes are all put away. The piano looks very nice in the living room. There is still a lot of cleaning and organizing to finish, but the heavy lifting is done!

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