Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mid-day update

I took a sick day from work today, although I don't have anymore sick time accumulated, so it will be a day without pay. I'm feeling out of sorts but not so much sick in the sense of having a fever. I'm tired and worried about loose ends, and because things are in a momentary lull at work after a number of weeks of intensity, I thought it would be more productive to stay home. After all, work is affected if I'm distracted by a sense of things undone. Enough of rationalizations.

So I did a big load of laundry at the laundromat first thing and hung it out to dry. Although I now have my own washing machine, occasionally it's more efficient to do one big load in the enormous laundromat machines. And once I'm all caught up, I can do smaller loads at home more often. It has clouded over now, however, but I'm hoping the 30% chance of rain will hold off. Nothing like the East coast around here, though. It's in the mid-60s today and has been fairly sunny the past few days.

Then I dropped off my car at the mechanic's. For some reason he was closed last Saturday, and my car has been leaking transmission fluid rather worrisomely. Just one of those niggling things I needed to deal with. Nothing major. Just tightening of bolts was needed.

Next, I prepared three small packages for mailing. One was a very belated birthday gift for my mother, a picture of which I will post here once she receives the package. I just needed to weave in two loose ends; it had been finished, washed, and blocked for weeks now....Then I got an address for another small package I've been wanting to send to my former pastor. Finally, I wrote a card and prepared a third package, which has been waiting to be mailed since last September or so. Then, a short walk to the post office and three more items off my mind.

Now, a quick lunch of leftovers from the church dinner last Wednesday as I write here.

Part of the motivation for today comes from Pioneer Melissa's Six Week Tweak challenge (see her March 1, 2005 post). It continues the frame of mind I've been in recently and will bring me almost to my fortieth birthday, which is fraught with all sorts of potential for serious life examination.

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