Saturday, March 05, 2005

Move away from the computer

I just had to figure it out. The issue with my new camera was that I hadn't actually been taking pictures; hence nothing to download. Pressing the shutter halfway focuses the shot, and then you press the shutter the rest of the way and take the picture. Next, I played around a bit with the photo software.

This image is reduced to 33% of an image first reduced to 50% of the original, 338x253 and 88,098 bytes.

This image is reduced to 33% of the original, 676x507 and 174,487 bytes.

[12/09/2006: Deleted picture to obtain more disk space.]

OK. This is going to be fun. Next task: download the oversized images on my site, resize them, and upload again.

[Update 11:07 PM: Still haven't moved away....Did some quick trimming of image sizes. Last night I was at 9.6 MB out of 10; now I'm down to 4.72 out of 10.]

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