Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hidden Art...and boots

Jeff made a comment some days ago that if his house were burning down, one of the books he would grab as he was running out would be Rainbows for a Fallen World. One of the reasons I purchased the book was that Mr. Borger's review compared it to a book that was on my parents' shelves when I was growing up, Hidden Art by Edith Schaeffer. Published in 1971, Hidden Art's chapters suggest simple ways to be creative in the ordinary things of life—music, gardening, recreation, food, etc.

I loved the pen and ink illustrations and was persuaded by Schaeffer's preference for natural materials versus synthetic fibers and plastic items.

A few years ago, I was happy to find, through Powells, the same edition of the book I had read growing up. (The book has been republished also, but with a new title that downplays the "art" to market to people looking for "homemaking" books.)

Looking through the book again, after Jeff's comment, I was enticed by Schaeffer's description of her and her husband's walking outfits in the "Creative Recreation" chapter.
Fran and I have old ski jackets, knee breeches with woolen knee socks and boots that lace up tightly and are big enough for an extra pair of socks. The boots have good, thick, mountain climbing soles. We do not need to be climbing to appreciate these soles. I have found that the boots [...] give one the sense of having seven league boots—that is, that the boots are carrying one along in the way the everyday shoes just cannot do. (p. 171)
So Saturday morning, which was rainy and cold, I put on my hiking boots to go to the women's study at church. Then I strode about the almost empty Farmer's Market, where I purchased a low chill Sunshine Blue dwarf blueberry bush, partially, I'm sure, because the boots made me feel more like a farmer somehow. Later, I walked to the library.

Now I want a pair of breeches and must knit a pair of woolen knee socks! However, I don't live in Switzerland, as the Schaeffers did, so will probably stick with my hiking sandals for most days here in So. Cal.!


The Provision Room said...

Lovely. Think someday in heaven we can have a cup of tea with Mrs. Schaeffer? Think she'll be finding ways to make heaven even more lovely?

Janice Bakke said...

I believe so!