Saturday, March 04, 2006

Just an ordinary (weekend) day

A break in the rain brought a beautiful, clear, sunny day in So. Cal. A bolt had sheered off that holds the weight-bearing side of my bike rack, so I rode over to Berg Hardware to buy replacements. Three sets of bolts, washers, and nuts for $1.14. Next I rode up to the Farmer's Market to buy fruit. Then I stopped by the Armenian grocery store near home for milk, bread, and marjoram. They even carry organic milk now, although only ultra-pasturized, whole milk. It struck me that I'm now quite familiar with that route, including on which streets to "stair-step" on the uphill ride home.

Then I finished removing the concrete in the back yard and dug out a big rock in my garden spot.

In the afternoon I went with the pastor of my church to see As You Like It at Cal Tech, in which a church member played a leading role. I was reluctant to be inside on a sunny afternoon (although it did cloud over a little), but it was probably for the best. There is only so much sledge hammering and digging an office worker should do at one time!

Now, I'm finishing reading and preparing for the book discussion tomorrow. I'm not quite sure how the discussion will go or how best to lead it. We'll see!

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