Saturday, July 08, 2006

Morning errands

This morning I rode down to my local bicycle shop to get pedals to which I could attach Power Grips as recommended by Kent Peterson. The shop didn't have any pedals without toe clips and straps, so I bought a set with them that I can remove if I get the Power Grips.

Already I think my pedaling feels more efficient, because my legs (knees) aren't having to work as hard to keep my feet on the pedals. I also picked up a cycling cap to wear under my helmet to try keep more sun off my face.

Then I rode over to the Farmers' Market and bought potatoes, a melon, peaches, and goats' milk soap.

On my way home I stopped by a couple garage sales. The first one had a large steel desk and chair. I was tempted because I appreciate how well made those old desks are, but my one bedroom duplex is too small. (The man was selling it because he had moved from Texas, "where the houses are bigger," to a smaller Pasadena house.)

At the second house, I found an old oak desk chair (no arms). I went ahead and purchased it because it is very comfortable and sturdy, and it will replace my cheapo, second-hand, plastic and synthetic fabric office chair.

I also figured I could transport it on my bicycle. I removed the bag from under the seat that holds my extra tube and tools and put it with the locks that I usually strap onto my rack and the rear light in my pannier with the vegetables and fruit.

Then I turned the chair upside down and rested the seat on the rack with the help of someone at the sale. I strapped it down with bungie cords. As I gingerly rode off, my foot hit the back of the chair. So I had to reposition and re-strap the chair. Then I was able to ride slowly, perched on the end of my bike seat between two of chair foot rests (fortunately I was wearing my padded shorts!), and holding one of the foot rests with my left hand to stabilize the chair. I rode on residential roads, used my low gears, and made it home (uphill most of the way, of course) with no problems. A great sense of accomplishment.

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