Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New groove

Yesterday I tried my new schedule to see how it would work. Chores and other tasks in the morning. Study in the afternoon. Pleasure reading or handwork in the evening. It worked pretty well. I got a lot of the obvious clutter picked up throughout the house. Wrote thank you notes. This morning I cleaned the refrigerator and vacuumed.

Yesterday afternoon I started working on Sunday's lesson. I also spent probably too much time online after I finished studying around 3:00.

In the evening I read a few chapters from John Seymour's book, The Fat of the Land, about the Seymours' first years on their small homestead in England.

Eleutheros at How Many Miles from Babylon just finished a series of posts about his "scheme and philosophy" of homesteading. (See the July 2006 archives, beginning with the July 25 posts; August 2006; ending with September 1, 2006.) I've been reading through his assignments and have now started the second group of books.

Part of my experiment in these next months is to figure out if there's a way I can earn a living while also learning about and working on my family "homestead," thus carrying on my grandparents' tradition. (See my April 2005 posts and early May 2005 [scroll down].)

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