Saturday, September 02, 2006

Second day

Today started early. I'm still on my biking schedule, which is good, because I can a lot done before it heats up too much.

Yesterday I took it pretty easy, as I was sore enough not to want to do too much physical labor. A half-hour massage at Wild Oats helped. I also picked up a few groceries while there. I took the bus there and back.

Riding the bus is a good way to keep in touch with the variety of people who live here. While I was waiting for the bus back home, a few clusters of students from a very exclusive private school walked by. Their youth, beauty, privilege, intellectual and material resources were a clear contrast with some of my fellow bus riders.

This morning I soaked in the tub for a while to further relax my muscles. Then I scrubbed the tub and cleaned the sink. Next, I cleared out the tomato plant and poles beans from the garden. Then I rode down to Skein to pick up the latest Interweave Knits magazine. I also bought The Best of Knitter's: Jackets for Work and Play.

In the afternoon I took a nice nap and then walked down to Archives to browse. I'm planning to discuss an article on Paul and Luther for the Adult Forum at church starting again in a week, and I need to do some intensive studying as it is an unfamiliar topic for me, particularly the controversy the author discusses. (Quibble: the article misspells the name of E. P. Sanders. [Update 9/7/06: The online version has been corrected. Also, the link has been updated to display the full article.])

I'm giving myself a few days to become "acclimated" to my new life. Then I need to get focused and disciplined about accomplishing what I hope to get done during the next weeks. I can too easily fritter away time with desultory reading or browsing. Plus, without an income, I'll need to watch the book buying....

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