Thursday, March 14, 2002

Quotidian comments

I just got home from work; it was my day to drive. This morning there was an accident on the freeway just before the exit before the exit to our building and another one almost right in front of me as cars suddenly slowed. It's been very windy (the cold, dry variety of wind), so the sky and landscape are spectacular with all the smog blown away.

My car seems to be going just fine. Over the weekend, my battery conked out, only it gave no indication of being weak until I was getting on the freeway and the car just stopped. Fortunately, I made it almost all the way onto the shoulder before it froze up, and, thankfully, my parents happened to be visiting from out of town and were with me. A nice stranger stopped and jumped started my car, giving the battery enough umph to make it twenty-five miles home. We bought a new battery and my dad installed it.

I'm thinking maybe I should get a cell phone for such occasions, especially since I'm usually alone in the car. I do have AAA, but the phones by the side of the freeway don't always work. But I really, really don't want a cell phone.

Other moral of the story: Check to see how old your battery is, even if you have no problems starting the car. The "warranty" period on the battery is more like an "expiration" date, and you may want to change the battery once it is over the warranty time.

Today I got a new credit card in the mail. The company changed my credit card number, which I now have to re-memorize. I had never memorized my card number until the advent of and other online companies. Now it just rolls off my fingertips or tongue.

My professor also sent back the draft of the paper I submitted last week with helpful comments. Now, to finish it....

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