Friday, March 29, 2002

Stop the world

If only things would just stop until I figure out everything and have everything under control. But no. It is already the end of March. My paper is not finished. The rent is going to be raised. I have nine dozen eggs in the refrigerator I need to boil, peel, chop, and make into an edible Easter breakfast dish for 100 + people. I spent all day yesterday not revising my paper. (One of my fellow students just had a paper published in the main journal of my field [the type of journal in which the table of contents is printed on the outside front cover for all the world to see your name], and it was a brilliant article in which he boldly argues that a certain generally accepted hypothesis/dogma in biblical studies is "a figment of scholars' imagination.") Last night I went to a Passover Seder at a colleague's house. It was a wonderful but intense experience. Then I went to work this morning. It was non-stop busy; plus it was another colleague's birthday today. (Part of yesterday's running around was getting her gift, Bob Dylan's Love and Theft CD, and then making granola for her.) Tomorrow I have to do laundry and go to rehearsal for Sunday morning's music. Then I have to work on my paper. Sunday will be busy with music and food plus the Easter service. Monday and Tuesday I'm at work again. I'm glad for my job, especially with the rent going up, but sometimes it seems that between work and maintaining Life, paper writing so easily gets pushed aside. If only I could segment my mind so that when I have spaces of time in which to work on it, I would actually concentrate fully on the paper and not worry about everything else going on. And to think there are people who earn degrees AND work full-time AND have a family.

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