Monday, April 29, 2002

Change in plans

Unfortunately, I got sick and had to cancel my trip to see my new nephew and take care of my niece. How disappointing! I don't get sick often and so forget how helpless one is to make it go away.

So yesterday I lounged in bed all day reading the paper and sleeping while trying not to cough. Not much good news to report. 10th anniversary of the LA riots; more killing of Israelis and Palestinians; first part in a series about a respiratory therapist who killed elderly, sick patients at a nearby hospital; retelling of the story of an arson investigator who set a number of fires himself in the 1980s; and this article about the increased use of sugar in prepared foods. Manufacturers have been substituting sugar for fat in so-called healthy, low-fat foods. I've recently switched from vanilla yogurt to plain yogurt to try cut down on sugar.

Now I need to go lie down again.

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