Monday, May 06, 2002

Back again

Well, the trip happened after all, just a few days later than planned. The baby is perfectly gorgeous, and my niece is lots of fun. Pennsylvania is so green. Spring already happened a few months ago in So. California, so I was surprised by all the blooming and newly-leafed trees in PA. I now know what dogwoods and sycamores are. It was fun to experience the spring I've been reading about in east coast weblogs.

I got home last night at 2:00 AM. My flight was half an hour late because the pilot had to skirt some thunderstorms. Then the other passenger on the shuttle was headed for the Greyhound bus station in downtown LA and the shuttle driver wasn't quite sure of its location. Almeda and 7th is not a place you want to be lost in LA in the middle of the night.

My cats were happy to see me again. They have full run of the house while I'm gone and come and go as they please. A neighbor girl feeds them. Thankfully they didn't drag in anything too nasty this time.

Now I feel like it's time to buckle down and get things DONE. Top on the list is to clean up my house. My sister-in-law puts me to shame.

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