Friday, May 31, 2002

A sigh of relief

It's a warm, sunny evening. This morning I took my big cat, Leo, to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. When he got his shots a couple weeks ago, I asked the vet to look at his teeth, and she said, yes, they needed cleaning. So last night I closed the window and put the cat food in the fridge, because he couldn't have food after midnight. Then this morning I got him into the cat carrier. He doesn't struggle nearly as much as the little cat, and putting him in rear first really helps.

He cried all the way to the vet, even more than usual, I think, because the little cat wasn't with him to comfort him. I went out to school and spent the day editing the documents I scanned previously. Then I picked Leo up late this afternoon. He was still crying, although much hoarser by then. (I'm sure the tube that was put down his throat for the general anesthesia didn't help.) Even the vet's assistant who brought him out to me commented on how much noise he made. By the time we got home he was merely whimpering. But now he's asleep on the couch, and peace reigns.

It always surprises me how tensed up inside I feel when the cats are upset, almost to the point where I want to start crying, and how reassuring it is to see Leo stretched out, relaxed and recovering. The little cat, however, is still jittery. She remembers the cat carrier too well, and even though she didn't have to go in it this time, she is staying away from the house for now.

As for me, I've almost unwound. I'm trying to convince myself to do something productive this evening, but I feel like just sitting on the couch and leafing through catalogues and magazines.

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