Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Red, white, and blue

Have you noticed how quickly marketers and product manufacturers jumped on the red, white, and blue theme for summer? I was in Target last night and saw two or three different sets of dishes and a whole line of casual summer clothes with stars and stripes themes.

In the Sears' ad in the Sunday paper the first two inside front pages were covered in patriotic colors.

I am happy with this current marketing blitz because I collect red (but not stars and stripes) things for my kitchen, and sometimes it's difficult to find red. However, as I surveyed the red kitchen items in Target last night, I thought, "Do I really need a Made-In-Tawain red cutlery-and-serviette holder? How often do I have picnics or buffets where such an item might be useful? How about, 'Never'!" So I passed that up. I did buy a glass gallon jar with a red lid, though, in which I can store opened packets of crackers or cookies (or even homemade cookies...). I store most of my dry goods in glass jars on my counter.

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