Thursday, June 27, 2002

Big day

The last day of work for me with one of my colleagues. She got a job with another department in a different location. We all are really going to miss her; in many ways she is the spirit of our group. With her departure there is a lot of uncertainty how the department is going to reshape itself or, more likely, be reshaped from above.

My big project for the past few weeks has been putting together a department policies and procedures manual. So while I don't do all the tasks I've been writing about, because I've been involved trying to document in a systematic, coherent way what everybody does, I feel like I've been responsible for the tasks, at some level. I also realize what a hard worker my colleague is and how much of the department she carries. It's sad she's leaving. The only consolation is that her new job is a well-deserved step up.

Work definitely has been front of mind, winning out over school. And then I have to pick up the commentary project with the professor again soon. The days keep falling off the calendar....

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