Thursday, June 20, 2002


I just finished a very tasty lunch: homemade lentil soup; homemade bread; cheese; carrots; and a tomato picked off my tomato plant just before I got into my car this morning. Then I spent my lunch hour going to different websites on worm composting. I am getting a new batch of worms on Saturday from a vendor at the farmer's market, and this time I promise not to let them get too hot or dry! It would be nice to buy one of the fancy layered worm bins, but they're around $90. I did find instructions for a homemade system that encourages the worms to migrate to a clean bin when the worm castings need to be harvested. I think I'll try it; it's a pain dumping the worms out with the leftover bedding and worm castings and then trying to separate the worms from the castings.

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