Thursday, June 13, 2002


The long-anticipated changes at work are beginning to come to pass. This signals the need to start thinking creatively about options....And, of course, my inner critic immediately pipes up that I've squandered the stability of the past few years by not moving faster on my degree. But I know that the time has not necessarily been wasted and that change is not necessarily bad.

And then there's the phantom voice from the road not taken (or rather, from the road abandoned): Look at the person who continued on that road in your place; look at where she is now. Might that have been you if you'd not veered off? I know, I know. There were/are very valid, soulful reasons I chose to do what I did (not to mention her very different personality and capabilities), but, for a brief moment, the six-figure salary and fancy title were alluring.

At the same time there is a possible job prospect when I finish my degree. The gap is between now and then; the challenge is to focus on what I need to DO TODAY to get where I want to be tomorrow.

Speaking of roads not taken, I liked this quote from one of the book notes by Susan Salter Reynolds in Sunday's LA Times:
I have come to believe that these memoirs, well and honestly written like Stone's, are extremely important; for some of us, a map of the road not taken.
Do other people's weblogs and blogs also provide such a map?

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