Sunday, January 18, 2004

Holden Village

If anyone is wondering what to do this year for a vacation, I would recommend investigating Holden Village in the mountains near Chelan, Washington. It's an ecumenical village that offers a variety of programs, work opportunities, or just a place and time to get away from it all. (The FAQ page gives a good overview of Holden.)

The theme for this summer is finding one's vocation. Holden strives to run the village as environmentally sustainably as possible. Thus, part of their food philosophy is to buy as much of their food as possible from local organic farmers. This fall Holden is hosting a conference on liturgy and ecology. They also provide extensive opportunities to learn and create handcrafts, including weaving and pottery.

Caveat: I've never been to Holden, but it comes highly recommended from people who enjoy hiking and the outdoors; a program as unstructured or structured as one wishes; an emphasis on ecology; relatively inexpensive fees with the option of providing volunteer labor in return for lodging and food; a stunning mountain setting; an ecumenically hospitable place.

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