Saturday, January 03, 2004

Holidays' ending

Today the sky is clear blue with not one cloud to be seen. Yesterday it rained all day; in the afternoon it was even foggy, a rare occurrence around here. I could have been in Washington state.

This morning I successfully cleared up a lot of stuff in the living room, inspired by a new book, The Spirit of Getting Organized: 12 Skills to Find Meaning and Power in Your Stuff, by Pamela Kristan. I know, I know, why did I have to buy yet another book, a self-help book no less, but as I've written here before, I'll take help wherever I can get. The focus of the book is not so much how to sort and organize stuff (I know how quite well by this point in my life) but the attitudes and feelings around the whole process.

Today's lessons are to set time limits on how long I'm going to work on my piles, and then acknowledge what I did accomplish and not fret about how much more there is to do. The entire couch and floor space around the couch is cleared away, and the desk/computer area is tidy enough to be able actually to work.

Now I'm going to make lentil soup and then wash the dishes.

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