Thursday, May 26, 2005

Brain food

Via 43 Folders, I read an article in New Scientist about ways to keep the brain in shape. The first suggestion is to eat a healthy breakfast, which may include Marmite!
Beans on toast is a far better combination [than sugary foods and drinks], as Barbara Stewart from the University of Ulster, UK, discovered. Toast alone boosted children's scores on a variety of cognitive tests, but when the tests got tougher, the breakfast with the high-protein beans worked best. Beans are also a good source of fibre, and other research has shown a link between a high-fibre diet and improved cognition. If you can't stomach beans before midday, wholemeal toast with Marmite makes a great alternative. The yeast extract is packed with B vitamins, whose brain-boosting powers have been demonstrated in many studies.
I guess my boarding school breakfast diet was healthier than I knew!

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